Monday, April 14, 2014

Trip to Melbourne.. Part 2 of 5

As we had close to almost a week to be spent at Melbourne, we thought it was a good idea to go for a day trip. So after contemplating with a few places, we decided to just go for a day trip to visit the 12 apostles. Seriously thank goodness we only decided on ONE day trip. Because staying in the coach for more than 3 hours is simply not recommended for a pregnant woman nor a young child. Anyway here was

Day 3 - 20 March 2014 Sightseeing Day trip
12 Apostles and Loch Ard Gorge

Weather check before setting off at 740am.
Brrrr.. coldest since we arrived.

Us all nicely tucked up on board the coach at 830am.
Pardon my stone face.

Very victorian architecture is still visibly preserved in this modern yet historic city. 

After 2.5 hours of being on the coach, we reached.. our destination for lunch.

The sun was shining so brightly, bringing away the chill we had this morning.

Along the way to the 12 apostles, the young children were getting edgy in their seats.

In moments like these, I have only the Lord to thank for.
Notice how blue the sky is.
By the way, all the photographs taken during this trip were all taken with my humble iphone5 and usually taken without filters.

After another 2 hours+ on the coach, we finally arrived!

Upon arrival, we were told only 7 apostles were left standing.
Click here to read more about the 12 apostles.

At that point of the day, we suspected the weather was about 23'c 
So extremely hot that we didnt mind spending more than AUD$12 on a bottle of drink and some ice cream.

Oh yes.. AUD$4 on average for a ice cream.

Then we moved on to look for Loch Ard Gorge.

Obviously my little man was very happy to know that was sort of our last stop of the day. Before we had to set on a 3hours+ coach ride again.

And someone is getting so comfortable with the fine sand underneath his feet. How i wish we could stay there for a longer time as I was so happy to see Isa enjoying himself. Sand and I just don't click. Bleh.

Happy lil man posing with the coach and at the driver's seat!

Soon.. We were on our way back to the city.
Nothing shot as we were all dead tired from the coach ride.
Can someone tell me please don't EVER follow a day tour again?

By the time we reached back to city, it was already dusk. We grabbed a quick dinner at MacD (oh yes.. again.. just to pacify the lil man).

Then we saw Big W and Woolworths and their closing time was 12mn!

hip hip hooray!
I managed to grab some clothes and a pair of wellies for Isa for less than AUD$20!

Over at Woolworths, we grabbed some groceries on the way back home.. dont ask us how we spend and carried over AUD$60 of products home without using plastic bags.
But of course, before heading out that day, we already brought along our own recycled bags. 
The culture of recycling over in Aussie is so strongly advocated by the  locals, I wonder how long SG needs to take to build such a fantastic culture as so often whenever I uses a recycle bag in the supermarket, everyone peeved me like an alien.

Soon Day 3 came to an end, but as we took so many naps in the coach, I had to stay awake to Skype with my ah lao and princess!

Dora, mama miss you so much!
This cute thing happened when I was trying to Skype with Dora. She was literally digging the handbag that I often use. She kept digging out items from the bag and keep calling "mama, mama". Sort of a call that those items belong to me. I actually thought it was her way of signalling that she misses me. Oh my little sweetheart.

I think I seriously underestimated my Melbourne Series as all in all I took about and definitely over 500+ pictures. I am trying to see if I can compile them into a 5 part series for now.

Previously in Part 1.
More in the next Melbourne series..

Friday, April 11, 2014

Sibling day 2014..

Some National Sibling Day going on 10 April.
Anyway here is a picture some 30 years ago I guess.
A post dedicated to the only sister I had.
Love you too much.
And enjoy your holiday.

Friday, April 04, 2014

Prima Tower Revolving Restaurant.. Peking duck

A very insignificant building nestled amongst the containers.
Established since 1977, Prima Tower Revolving Restaurant is the only other revolving restaurants that offers authentic Beijing cuisine.

see what I mean.

A very humble signage that welcomes you.

For the 3 of us, we didnt order that much, just some of the standard dishes.

But of course, not forgetting the famous Peking duck.

In which it will be sliced professionally and served to you.

the remaining parts of the duck.
We just opted for cutting up of the meat. My friend actually said they also do offer stir fry option but the meat will shrink in a way so he chose the previous.

the panaromic view from where I am sitting.
You dont actually feel that you are moving but guess in my condition, it sort of gave me some dizziness after the meal, especially when the weather was not in my favour.

Total damage: $144+ for 3 of us.
Good experience if not for the dizziness I have.
You should try.

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Monday, March 31, 2014

Trip to Melbourne.. Part I of 5

This was quite a last minute planned trip. But decisions was made fast. Considered a 6 days trip to Melbourne. Here we go:

Us in the cab.. otw to airport

My lil man in crime. I brought two luggage bags in tow... I brought very little clothes.. best excuse to shop.

The smaller bag merely weight 4.7kg. 

My cute mom.
If you think only teenagers and young adults are into selfie and social media.. think again.

My 2 precious gems.

My handsome boy at the departure gate. He was so excited about taking a flight again as the previous time we took a plane was in 2010.. also to Aussie but it was to Perth rather.

A bookworm will always be a bookworm, no matter where he is.

Read to board. 
17 March 1955hrs
Destination: Sin-Mel in under 7hrs 35 min
DAY 1: 18 March 2014

Here are more photos upon arriving in Melbourne on 18th March 2014 

We are at the lobby of our apartments.
We are very happy to be staying with my cousin, B!

In the morning of our arrival, we decided to venture into the very famous Queen Victoria Market!

We had to walk for about 10 minutes. Along the scenic way, we saw an empty playground.

Chanced upon a typical postbox

Finally we arrived!

Then hunger pangs kicked in..
A very expensive and not so yummy meal.
AUD$9.8 per sandwich.

This part of the market that sells vegetables. 

We were all so awed by this HUGE pumpkin that merely cost AUD$1.99
Can you see Isa's tired face?
Because he merely slept less than 3 hrs during the whole flight.

After this we had to go back to the apartment and ALL of us took a good nap!

Soon it was late afternoon.. and we had to find food again!

This was where we stayed. No. Batman was not around.

I had to google where was the closest Coles.

And as meal were really expensive, we see the point to have home cooked dinner.
Dear mom whipped up a simple yet yummy fare.

Post dinner.

This was supper for our first night in Melbourne.

DAY 2: 19 March 2014

Us along King's Street

Typical city view

Bus stop

Us waiting for the free City Circle Tram, no 35.

The tram stop was situated right in the middle of the road.

This is how the paid tram looks like.

And this is how the free tram looks like.
Cool and quite vintage.

Someone offered a seat for Isa!

A Melbourne exclusive signage.

I was suppose to meet my dear friend at Melbourne Central. We actually alighted at the wrong stop and we had to walk back. This trip made me realized that the people in Melbourne are okay with walking. And I mean lots of walking. They can walk up to a typical 20minute just to get to where to they want to go. A typical single way tram/bus/train rides starts from AUD$5. This only makes me very appreciate of our public transport system here in SG.

Cheeky Isa and his poses.

Another challenging thing about is about eating out here in Melbourne.
Food is generally not cheap. If you are lucky, you can get a small serving of meal from AUD $7. So we had to turn to Mac. A 6 piece nugget meal, drink and fries, with an ice cream costs me AUD$10+

Here are at Melbourne's Chinatown.
We actually signed up for a day tour at this local tour agency who hired PRC as their counter staff. Not very fantastic service. More on the next post.

Then we had to head on to Target!
Their quite famous departmental stores in which I spent over AUD$60+ for toys and clothes for the kiddos. Money well spent I would say as a typical Hotwheel set only cost AUD$15 when there are selling the same thing in Singapore for SGD$39!
So my happy boy got a hotwheel set and a Lego Ninja set.

Along the walkway..

The Victoria State Library where everyone just chillax and sits on the lawn and read.

Soon, we sent my mom and Isa back to the apartment.
My friend J and I continued to venture into the Wednesday night of Victoria Market.

The crowd at Victoria Market on a wednesday night was not something that is for the weak hearted.

My dear friend J and I!
Bride-to-be was very busy. She took her leave soon and I continue on my food journey!

I had to tabao this back to my apartment.

Then I saw my cousin, B, trying to fix the Lego set for Isa.
What a tiring day.

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