Tuesday, February 09, 2016

CNY 2016.. What to say during lo hei..

Everyone loves a lo hei session during the Lunar New Year period but do you know what to say for good luck for the different ingredients for this amazing dish?

I learnt something today.

And as for our small family of 5, we usually love to kick start our reunion dinner with a Lo Hei session.
So here was our mini lo hei on the eve of Lunar New Year.

Ungarnished version.

In which I think the kids have so much fun at it! Even Lil I had his bit of contribution! All the kids just love the 遍地黄金 isn't it..

Then we had another round of vegetarian lo hei at my relative's house yesterday and earlier this morning.

My personal preference is the one topped with abalone, how about you?

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Birthdays of these the two January kiddos..

Eldest: turned 9 on the 24th
Middle: turned 4 on the 31st

Birthdays in our family is a big event. And especially when the 2 older ones' birthdays are just a week apart. We had our first small celebration with our neighbours' kiddos on Isa's actual day. 

With credits to Petite Joy Bakes

Simplicity and tasty was just what we wanted this year. Thank you Petite Joy Bakes for taking my last minute order. Many raves about this triple layer multi flavoured cake.

Then we had another celebration for Dora in her school on Friday.

And see how much all of these children grown from Dora's 2nd birthday in school.
Aww... where did all the babies gone?

And the last and final celebration for these January duo on Dora's actual day..

Loving matchy outfit from my parents. 

Friday, January 22, 2016

Nov Holidays '15.. We are going to the Zoo, zoo, zoo..

And so.. Ray Papa's company organised this trip during the November holiday for their staff and family members were invited! It has been a good 2.5 years since our last visit to the Zoo.. Moreover Ray papa didnt come with us the previous time and now we have 3 kid in toll! Seriously.. come to think about it, dont ask me how I survived 7.5 hrs at the Zoo. And I will drop you a tip or two on how we survived anyway. But indeed we explored further places that we never been before and of course not forgetting water play at the Kids Rainforest. 

Tip #1: always have an extra hand: helpers or grandparents included.

Grouchy baby in the stroller.
Tip #2: bring a hardy stroller but how can I forget my portable fan!

Hello Inuka!

Us! ah.. where is didi?

My eskimo.

Serious.. all the the african painted dogs look alike to me.

Baby asleep!
Tip #3: bring a baby carrier!
Good for sleepy babies..

Trivia: anyone wanna guess why zebras always flip their tails around?

My favourite pic of the lot.
Tip #4: Just rent a buggy for tired feet.. or even put your load into it.
Dont save the money.

Ok.. this is another favourite. Love how Isa can act.. just like the Pop.

And soon, we reached the children area where they have some farm animals and a house full of antiques. Apparently there is a few HUGE fake cockroaches. And my dora was so scared.

Tip #5: spend a bit more money
Kids throwing tantrum is the LAST things you want to get from a outdoor trip like this.
We were very lucky to get the last two slots for goat feeding.
I think they were $5 per bucket and the money goes to charity, so why not?

Even papa had fun..

Apparently someone did not enjoy feeding the pets.

See how far she is away from the goats.

Look at her deadly stare.

"No.. mama..NO! I dont want to feed!"
"ok mei mei... okok!"
Tip #5: never force your child to do something she/he doesnt like

Baby ready for water play after applying sun block.. 
sorry no pictures cos all of us literally went to play.

and soon we met the guys from Aussie.

Hello.. I have a koala on my body too, you know.

Such good life.. in enclosed areas with air con.

Towards the end of the day. Quite an achievement. 
Dora didnt nap at all and she was still so energetic!
Tip #6: allow your child to exert even more energy!
because that night.. all of them slept at 830pm..

What a fun day we had at the zoo!

Monday, January 18, 2016

Kaboodle Kids Singapore {Review and giveaway}

I am always very happy whenever we get an invitation for a play session... because I really think our children these days just need to play MORE.. I was so attracted because it say ..
"Imagination Playground"..

So here we go..

my little man with deep thoughts.. 
He was so intrigued by the poster that he didnt even realize I took his picture.

credits from Kaboodle Kids

The kids warmed up pretty fast. 
At first.. I think like most kids would..
They all started destructing everything in the room.

This is the first time that I had seen children are allow to destroy.. 
something different from the typical indoor playground you go.

Then the Play Associates at Kaboodle were pro enough to help scaffold the play by fitting random shapes together into much more proper structures.. 

Like how Dora sat on top on a stack of Imagination Play Blocks and say
 "I am sitting on a tree house"

And there came along Isa and pose outside his fort.

And even invite me to go to his fort with his friends!
You know.. play can just let children make friends just like that.

He was just very conscious of his loose front tooth.

Then Dora tried to roll ball along a track structure and observe its movement.
This is not just about imagination.. she is learning something about science too.

Imagination.. is something that should thrives as a child grows..

Loves the ideas that the poster gave. Build a town.. How interesting.

and on one side of the partition wall were some magnetic gears that Dora spent more than 20 minutes positioning and manipulating them.

I was rather surprised that Isa and Dora didnt say that they were tired. 
Neither did they say they were hungry after a 2 hours play.
What I could think of was that they really enjoyed themselves so much.

And soon lunch was served. What a luxurious spread.
In fact.. Pondok Gurame is the one of Kaboodle's caterer if you may wish to hold any party in their premise.

And obviously here is one very satisfied diner.

After lunch.. the play continue!

So much love from Ray papa..

And now Dora was the one who was happy to go into her "palace"

Generally my overall experience at Kaboodle Kids Singapore was quite a good one as compared to the typical indoor playground. It is definitely more suitable for children say age 3 and above as adults are encourage to stay around and facilitate with their children's play. This is not somewhere where you think you can sit back and relax. Rather look forward to stay up and about with your kids and relive your childhood with them. I would go again if opportunity arises. I would think this place suits children even up to teens.

We have 10 passes to giveaway!

  1. You may wish to visit Rayconniebaby
  2. You may wish to visit Kaboodle Kids
  3. Please leave your name and email in the comments section
Disclaimer: Rayconniebaby was invited to a media invite session at Kaboodle Kids Singapore and no monetary compensation was made. Views are of my own. Redemption of free pass will expire by 31 March 2016.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

When your child need to take public transport home..

2016 is a huge milestone for us..

Isa will learn how take public transport back home by himself. After one week of orientation by us, Isa will already be on his own from next week onwards. Rather, I told him to come home by himself on last friday and he did it! Baby this is such a huge milestone for you and us! Words simply cant explain how glad I was.

For us, reasons are aplenty.

Reason: School bus fare too expensive.
Though we still have a car now, it is just very difficult for me to come out from work and pick him from school, send him home then head back to work. School bus fare were getting exorbitant! I missed the time when we used to stay so near to school, we literally just walked Isa to school.

In 2015
$120 per month for one way
= $1,440 per year

In 2016 (new adjusted fare)
$180 per month for one way
= $2,160 per year

Public transport
$0.59 one way = $11.80 per month
=$106.2 per year

But of course there many factors for us to consider before we decide for Isa to take the plunge.

Things to consider before allowing your child to take public transport:

  • Distance / Duration of ride
  • Safety issues such as if crossing of roads is required
  • And of course justification of cost

Reason: to have a more independent child
I am sure being parents, we are always eager about our children growing up. Not that we are that eager to snip off his wings but I think this is a good chance to allow him. But of course.. it was after many late night discussions / debate that we decided so. 

Anyway it was very straightforward for Isa as he NEED NOT cross the road to the bus stop, though the bus stop is not directly outside his bus, he just need to walk through a park to the bus stop. And of course, we gave him tip on how to handle strangers (I will write more about this in another post). Perhaps teach your child not to walk alone lest he is more vulnerable to stranger's approach. Isa is quite an intuitive child since young. He is the what you call the "kiasu kiasee" child. He is usually quite sharp about details around him (which definitely makes it a plus point for taking transport on his own). He even told me he walked with his friend as his friend just stay near the park.

And here is a good tip on how your child can handle strangers

But also.. Isa can be quite "sotong" at times, he always dropped his wallet in the car in the morning when I send him to school. Or he will forget to pack his bag the night before. So as a backup, I always pack emergency items in his bags. A small coin purse AND a pencil with eraser in a ziplock in his bag in case if he does not have money for recess or now.. money to take public transport back. But this is an issue.. parents this is a very important tip: please tell your child what you put into their bags else they will panic when they dont have coins or they cant even find the extra stationery that you packed for them for emergency times.

Now the question is:
When will you decide to let your child take public transport?

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Thankful for a fulfilling 2015..

I guess this photo sort of showcased a very fulfilling part of 2015 for me and my family.

Every year that comes and go definitely have had its challenges but I guess that sort of shaped the year for me. As such, here are the 10 things that I'm very thankful for.

1. Thank you my boss for providing me an opportunity at work and have faith in me.
2. Thankful for my family as they are blessed with good health.
3. Thankful for meeting the kind souls I met this year. You know who you are, especially the ones who offered your help when my helper was away for that 17 days.
4. Thankful that my family has a home we call our own. It may be a little small but seriously it is this space that give us warmth and build bonds.
5. Thankful that we have enough to eat and even enough to play. 
6. We may not be rich but I'm only glad that that kids are sensible and don't ask for the impossible.
7. Thankful for my helper whom we trust and love like our own family member. Hope she can stay with us till she wish to retire as the kids adore her.
8. Appreciate all my friendship with all of you as I know it is not easy to accommodate to me and my 3 kids.
9. Thank you God for taking care of all of my family members so that we can stretch our hands to help those in need.
10. Finally thankful for a very wonderful partner in life.

What are you thankful for?

Now.. Time for new year resolutions.

Happy new year in advance!

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Blessed Christmas to all!

While we make merry during this festive season.. My family never forget to give what we can to the needy too.

Little efforts that my family had done for the past few years but when we receive these pictures from the charity we adopted, we only felt we could have done more. 
Christmas is really a season of giving without asking for any returns.
May the Lord bless these needy children with more abundance. 

Friday, December 18, 2015

Lil I's big day celebration.. with my friends

Somehow we know this is gonna be the last kid in the family thus we decided to make his first celebration a little more bigger scale. Bittersweet feeling.

And thank you for everyone who turned up for littlest fella.

thank goodness Ray papa is good at this photo editing thing.
his little artwork for little one.

and in the very early morning of the celebration, Dora helped to decorate the tools that is to be use for the game session.

Our dessert table!

Childhood friend Nic who arrived earlier than us!

The TV that plays the montage and the goodies bags that I prep for the kiddos. And of course not forgetting the games I brought along. Quite a budget celebration as I simply think engaging face painting or balloonist is just not within my budget. Any interested sponsors pls approach me? Lol

Part of the dessert table.
I feel this mini cupcake was not as popular as it should be. the colours were nice and the taste was good. very nice bite size but guess it just didnt appeal to the kids much.

Another cold coner on the table. a much neglected piece. taste was actually good (not too sweet for my liking) and it took guests to actually see the colours in the shot.

I need not say too much.
and this MOST popular item on the table just got wiped out!

I am not actually a macaroon fan but I love this assorted colours and the filing was actually oreo!
Yum yum!!

M & M cookies! another hot item on the dessert table.

And the cake!
After paying for a $300 cake back then I realize a small edible cake would also make kids happy.

Childhood friends to do an "open ceremony" for the dessert table.

And the buffet spread is here!
Pineapple fried rice! Many raves about it.

Mixed vegetables. 
Its like a must to have a vegetable dish in all buffet spread. 
Why ah?

Cereal fish. something different from cereal prawn.
I think Ray papa knows I dislike to deshell.

I simply love potato salad!!

Who can forget this classic dish in ALL buffet spread again?

This is my ah lao's favourite.

This is Dora's favourite dish.

Bonus tempura prawn! See.. no shell!

Fried youtiao with sotong. yummmmm

I just prefer cold to hot dessert.

Aei and got photobombed by a big child.

The kiddos during games playing session.

Love it when they are so engrossed and nobody asked for free wifi!

Love these happy faces!

Us and the cake!

And see how the evil Mama closed the birthday boy's eyes to make a wish?
So what did you wish for my lil boy?

Mei mei.. do you actually know whose birthday is it?

Cross section view of the cake.


See I told. the hottest item on the dessert table. all wiped out.

Most of us! 

Thank you everyone again for the APs! Hope you and your kid/s have fun!

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