Monday, March 23, 2015

Passing of a great man..

I will not spare the chance of telling my  children the passing of a great legacy today. For he was the one who built Singapore and the one who gave us an education today. 
In respect of the nation mourning period, Rayconniebaby shall not post any other post till the week is over.

RIP Mr Lee. You will be held in great memories.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

The young at heart and the young.. at Alive Museum Suntec Singapore..

It was by a stroke of words that Isa and I went on a playdate with my cousin W and his son J to Alive Museum on last Wednesday.

My angel.

Mr Van Gogh staring at us. 

My "twins" for the day.
They are born in the same year, 11 months apart and yet they ended up about the size as each other.
The joke of the day was:
Isa, what happened the extra 11month of milk powder you drank?

My little merboy

Hairwash anyone?

Our heros of the day.

The crazy quads of the day.
And I really wonder.. was it really us adults having fun or the kids having fun?

the whirlpool and my drama king.

One of the only decent clearer picture Isa took of me.

Fatty wonderwoman. ah.. Isa, you wanna try carry mama? lol

My lil drama king is really drama.

And somehow the boys just know what to do.. after taking so many pictures.

This was the classic scene from the movie "Up".
One nearly faling off, another one already "flying" in the sky.

And oh my twins again. Not bad having twins it seems.

Closed up of the twinnies.

Dinner with my sis and cousin. 
What a nice way to end the day with the cousins. When was the last time you had dinner with your cousins?

After this, Isa went on to have his "3D2N staycation" at my folk's place and he this time round, he didnt whine or fuss much.
You have grown up my son.
And poof, the holidays is over soon.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

{sponsored} Aquafresh toothpaste..

Have a baby or toddler and having tooth brushing woes? Fret not!
Let Connie Mama share with you some easy peasy lemon squeezy tips..

Child #1 - Isa:
8 yrs old - enthusiastic brusher
History: no decayed tooth and only dropped one milk tooth so far.
Been brushing his teeth with assistance since 12mths.

Child #2 - Dora:
3 yrs old - not so enthusiastic brusher
History: no decay tooth so far either cos we stick to "brush 2 times a day" rule!
Been brushing teeth quite independently since 15mths

Child #3 - lil I:
coming 5 months old - not known
Quite toothless as yet.

newborn to 12mths 
TIP: start oral hygiene from young. 

TIP: you may wish to clean their gums during shower time.

12 mths to 24 mths
TIP: Brush teeth with just water (you may use drinking water if you wish)
TIP: Brush teeth during shower time (introduce flouride-free toothpaste and encourage spitting out during shower time).

This age group is relatively easy and it is the best time to inculcate a positive habit so remember to make teeth brushing a fun session!

24mths- 6 yrs old
Children of this age group are gaining their independence so consistent reminders and some facilitation from adults are really important for these children.

TIP: have a cute tooth brush or cup
TIP: have children standing in front of the mirror to allow them to see themselves.

We usually encourage Dora to brush her teeth independently but under close supervision as she still needs to stand on a stool to reach the basin for toothbrushing.

6yrs and above
Children at this age should be able to be able to brush their teeth independently.

TIP: Make the brushing accessories accessible to children's height.

Just take a look how Isa is preparing to brush all by himself.

On top of their current range of toothpaste

Aquafresh First Teeth baby toothpaste (3 – 24 mths)

We are very pleased to share with you that Aquafresh has just newly launched two new series of toothpaste for young children.. which is perfect for my children's age.

They are

Aquafresh Little Teeth products (3 – 5 years):

Your child’s milk teeth hold the spaces for their permanent teeth that are waiting in the gums. The thinner enamel on first teeth makes them more vulnerable to decay and if they aren’t cared for, permanent teeth may not come through healthy and strong. Aquafresh Little Teeth products are specially designed by dental experts to encourage healthy brushing habits and protect precious first teeth – just for kids 3 years to 5 years. 

Aquafresh Little Teeth toothpaste is a gentle cleaning fluoride toothpaste to care for those precious first teeth and helps permanent teeth come through healthy and strong. 


Aquafresh My Big Teeth products (6+ years):

Their new adult teeth may look big and strong but the enamel on their new teeth is more vulnerable to decay for several years. Mixed adult and first teeth also create awkward gaps which are hard to clean, creating “plaque traps.” Because getting new teeth is a big deal, Aquafresh My Big Teeth products are specially designed by dental experts to protect mixed teeth while you begin to encourage them to look after their teeth for themselves – just for kids 6+ years.

Aquafresh My Big Teeth is a toothpaste with foaming action to help it get around the mouth whilst actively targeting softer enamel to keep it strong.

App for toothbrushing
On top of all these new range, here is another step that you can make toothbrushing even more fun!

Download your app and see how kids can jiggle to the music while toothbrushing!
So what are you waiting for? Get your new range of Aquafresh toothpaste now!
They are easily available at all major supermarkets and pharmacy outlets.

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And come join the Aquafresh Kids contest to win one year worth of Aquafresh Kids products!

Terms and conditions applies.

Have fun and good luck!

Psst..Do you know that First teeth was out of stock but is back now – 
in a new packaging!

#Disclaimer: Rayconniebaby was sponsored a set of Aquafresh products and no monetary compensation was received. All opinions, experience and tips are mine.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Power failure..

It has been a jolly good 2 months since we moved into our new abode. But right now in the middle of the night at 1am, we just had our first (hopefully last) episode of power cut off.

You saw it right. 

No no I don't mean the trivial power trip.
But a power cut off. 
On the next post regarding the above, I will share with you on how to differentiate a power supply trip and power supply cut off.

And also very impt tips on how to handle such a community crisis.

Thursday, March 05, 2015

Reflections, thoughts and becoming a mum of 3..

Just that day, I had parents of my students asking me: so how are you coping with 3 kids? I felt a lump in the throat but I didn't hesitate to say,"Good!"

Time flies. It has been about 4 and half months since I became a mum of 3. *gasp*

Well if you were to ask me if it's easy? I sure say no.
And I really wonder how you all brave mothers of a brood do it all!

I am not a good planner for sure but this time round, Ray papa and I had try to make lots of plan way ahead as we knew for sure things are definitely not going to turn out as it is going to be. 

Many moons ago.. Here were the few options we could thought of:

  • Hiring extra help
  • Putting Lil I in infantcare
  • Putting Isa in student care
  • I work half days
  • Stop working

Option 1:
was the easy way out but thinking of having an extra person in our downsized flat is not the ideal choice. Plus it will definitely bring up the overall costs in the household as we would be having an extra mouth to feed. But those friends out there with 2 helpers, is it really easier? I am still tempted really.

Option 2:
Good option but as I was doing full breastfeeding, I would rather stick this lil fellow to my chest and not let him go off so soon. Already so heartpain to know that I went back to work when he was only 2.5 months, I guess this was not the preferred choice. Anyway there isnt any vacancies in the infantcare with the area I stay. It is how interesting God has plan for me.

Option 3:
It is a "I would if I could" choice but alas the student care in Isa's P school was not willing to accept him as they only take in children without extra help (aka no helper, no grandparents staying with them kind). Unfortunately, I belong to both categories. I did scout around for other choices of student care but they just didn't appeal to me at all. Ah Xiu yee yee, why your student care so far....? Keeping my options open still. 

Option 4: 
A very big sacrifice indeed as I will suffer a paycut (read huge) but I knew this will be in return for quality time with the kids. I'm still pondering over this still.

Option 5: 
This was the last and the quite impossible choice I would make unless circumstances force me to. I would love to but guess I can only opt for this provided that I have to let go of my helper maybe. I guess not possible for the time being and Ray papa and I made a pact: we will choose to have a stay in helper until Lil I is big enough to take care of himself (mayb when he is 8-10?). We don't know either. 

No prizes to win for guessing correctly which option I take. 

My cheeky kids.. Oh such a love and hate affair.

As for now, we only have one stay in helper, no extra tuition for Isa and no enrichment for Dora either as our strings are really tight but guess nothing beats having a home you call your own. 

Amazing sight at sunrise.

Calming moment for sunset.

And oh, I do have special arrangements from work that I work only half days on Mondays, with full days on other days. Yes it comes with a pay cut but I know I am contented.

And for whatever I have, I still have the Lord to thank for.

Monday, February 23, 2015

How we spent our 2015 CNY..

The long weekend just passed by really quickly. And I am so glad that the kids really enjoyed themselves with minimal screaming from me.

19 Feb 2015 (CNY's eve)
I had to work half day thus thought bringing Dora to my workplace was the better option than keeping her at home.

She loves this little playhouse.

Ms Gungho at work at the trampoline.

See how flush her cheeks are from all the time at outdoors?

And she just knocked out soon after I started driving home.

Then came this pre-reunion dinner workout.. ah..  seems like Dora and lil I dont look very convinced while Ray papa and Isa really got a little drama huh.

Then we literally got down to car washing..

The enthusiastic "cleaner"

The "window scraper"

And we had our first lohei in our new home!
Huat ah!

ah.. lil I still not very convinced.

20 Feb 2015 (Thursday) - First day of CNY

The gathering was set at one of my uncle's big house. The kids had a whale of a time singing their lungs off.

And also when the 2 of the 4 horsey cousins met.
4 mth old 7.3kg lil I VS 4mths 3 weeks 8.1kg baby S
Maybe this is what they say.. 一山还有一山高
(literally translated as "one mountain higher than another" - 
meaning there is always someone better than you)

And after only 1 round of visitation, the two older ones KO!
Do you happen to notice that lil I always has a funny expression.

21 Feb 2015 (Friday) - Second day of CNY

Someone got caught in the act!
Dora was so amazed and intrigued with my make up kit that she "asks" for it.
So I gave her to "try" it out. Just a brush with a loose powder cover.
I did eventually applied lip gloss for her though.
Am I expecting manicure session for her soon? *gasp*

And with a very special request from Ray papa's cousin from US, we actually had a chance to take a super rare family photo with my mil!
Thank Marcus. You indeed made everyone had such a special and memorable CNY this year!
But.. im just so tickled by lil I's expression again.

22 Feb 2015 (Sunday) - Fourth day of CNY

Just another round of lohei at my folks' place.

So how many times did you lohei?

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Counting down to the year of the Ram..1 week to go

Pardon me for the irregular updates here as we are still settling down in our new abode. (I only have less than 10 cartons to go!) Work has been kind to me and I am very thankful. Kids have been keeping me on my toes as handling a 8 yr old boy, a threenager and a lil baby had indeed prove to be very challenging indeed.

I am definitely pushing myself (always) over my limits (or so I think I am jumping over the edge sometimes) but I am very glad our brood of 3 is a very good number for our humble family.

And as we count down to usher this year of the Ram, the Low family would like to wish everyone ahead:

Happy Lunar New Year and
May good health stay with you always
Huat ah!

a lil lady for a lion head accompanied by a bandit tail.
this is just one of the post dinner-pre CNY activities that we do at home.

So how has your preparations been so far?

Friday, February 06, 2015

Dora reciting chinese poem: 悯农 by 李绅.

Dora at 36 months reciting 悯农 by 李绅.

In case if you did not get what Dora was reciting, here is the original poem.

锄 禾 日 当 午,
汗 滴 禾 下 土。
谁 知 盘 中 餐,
粒 粒 皆 辛 苦 。

Monday, January 26, 2015

Sponsored review: Holiday program at The Giving Tree House

Since Isa started primary school last year, it has always been on my thought that I should perhaps place Isa in a student care so that the helper can concentrate on the chores and the baby. Well I was only more than glad when we were offered a slot in the holiday program from The Giving Treehouse (TGT) last December! 

You see, being the education line, choosing a school for the kiddos is a big thing for me. Even when my child is only going there a short while. But when I looked at TGT's holiday program, I knew they are definitely the right one! 

I always believe that providing a child's education is important but what really impressed me was that TGT's holiday program not only covers the basic program of taking care of children, they also looked into nurturing a child's character building. How often do you have a student care bringing children to an old folk's home.. or even a flag-raising event? 

This was the message that I saw at TGT on my first day of arrival with Isa.
Not only the children get to "create", they get to "play" and also to "love".

Little works of children.

Love the positive vibes in the centre.

And of course, not forgetting the enthusiastic boy.

Although Isa only attended for 2 weeks, he was totally awed by TGT's program and he raves about what he did at TGT when I went to fetch him at the end of the day.

Here are some snippets on what they did:

photo credits: TGT
Wind Sock and Wind Vane!

photo credits: Mummy Angie
So proud of my lil man.

photo credits from TGT
Play time at an indoor playground

Soon it came to the end of the 2 weeks for Isa. And how I wish I stay near enough to send Isa to TGT's after school care services.

And if you wish to know more about The Giving Treehouse and their after school care services, here are some information:

 or you may wish to contact them at the following:

The Giving Tree House
The Giving Treehouse Pte Ltd
5000F Marine Parade Road,
#01-24 Laguna Park
Singapore 449289

T: 6448 5700

Thank you again TGT for your hospitality throughout the program! 

#Disclaimer: The December holiday program was generously sponsored by The Giving Treehouse (TGT). No monetary compensation was made and all opinions are mine. 
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